You can grow vegetables with weed blocking ground cover.

Ground cover is another name for plastic mulch or weed barrier fabric. Keeping your field or garden free from invasive weeds is a task that takes a lot of time and effort. In fact, it is the nightmare of most farmers and gardeners. Whether we’re talking about professional farming, home gardening or your backyard, weeding is necessary to keep everything looking good. Additionally, weeds steal space, sunlight, humidity and nutrients from plants and flowers that need them to grow. This fabric is an optimum way to block sunlight and impede the growth of bothersome, insidious weeds that could ruin your production.


You can grow tomatoes with plastic mulch

Characteristics of Plastic Mulch Ground Cover

Plastic mulch ground cover Hortomallas is very long-lasting and resistant. It is made from polyethylene, and is treated to resist UV degradation so it can be used outside under direct sunlight without losing its color or integrity. It can be reused during several crop cycles. This weed barrier fabric is woven to permit the flow of humidity and air. Rainwater can get through so it is preferable to black sheet plastic. This woven, black, high density plastic completely blocks out sunlight. It is ideal for large scale outdoor vegetable farming, greenhouses, plant nurseries, domestic landscaping and controlled environment cultivation.

It is also an efficient method of weed control when compared with traditional chemical herbicides. Herbicides are often applied to quickly eliminate invasive plants which are usually very resistant. The most commonly used chemical products contain glyphosate which has been the subject of numerous investigations that have revealed its potential risk to human health and the environment. It is believed to reduce biodiversity and affect the food chain when it pollutes the environment, remaining in lakes, rivers and aquifers.

Using a physical barrier against weeds, along with pulling weeds, is the safest methods of weed control for human health and the environment.

Main results of applying woven plastic mulch

  • Completely eliminate all of the problems associated with weeds
  • Use less water for plants since the fabric slows evaporation and keeps the ground humid, conserving the water for crops.
  • More abundant produce
  • Earlier harvest: the ground heats more quickly and stays warmer.
  • Greater availability and absorption of nutrients: these are not washed away when it rains because the plastic mulch protects the soil.
  • Cleaner fruits – for example strawberries – because they don’t come into contact with the dirt.
  • Use it along with garden support netting.
  • Due to greater availability of carbon dioxide, vegetation is more uniform.
  • The soil is softer.
  • Fewer diseases caused by fungi.
  • Fewer hours of manual labor used to pull weeds.
  • Eliminate the use of herbicides.


Improve production and protect your crops from weeds.

How to use plastic mulch

  1. Wet the ground where the plastic mulch will be put. Be careful not to use too much water because this can make the earth too muddy.
  2. Dig up and remove weeds and undesired plants. Try to dig up all the roots. Use a trowel to tear out larger, tougher weeds. Rake the area so that it is even.
  3. Completely cover the area with plastic mulch fabric. You can easily cut it to the size that you need. Don’t leave any open spaces. Overlap any separate pieces of weed barrier fabric.
  4. Make holes in the ground cover fabric where the plants need to grow.
  5. You can cover the fabric with organic mulch like earth or sand until the fabric is entirely covered. This holds down the ground cover aswell as being an extra measure against weeds.
  6. Put down the plastic mulch when it isn’t too cold or too hot thus avoiding irregular tension in the fabric.
  7. Use something to weigh down the fabric so that the wind doesn’t blow away or damage it. For example you can dig lateral furrows on the edges of where you plan to put down the mulch to later cover them with earth.

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Plastic mulch is an efficient way to control weeds when compared to traditional chemical herbicides.

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